5 kick-ass foods I switched to for my marathons

Training for a marathon isn’t just about putting on your running shoes and logging up the miles, there’s more to it than that and one of those factors is your diet. Team up your training with a healthy diet and you’ll be an unstoppable beast, get it wrong and you might fade away mid-way.

So in case you’re wondering which foods are ideal, here are 5 that you need to put into the shopping cart right away.


Time dump out the brown rice and bring in more quinoa. Though it seems like a grain it’s actually a seed and comes with all the important 9 amino acids and proteins. 1 bowl of quinoa contains 8-10 g of proteins and 5-6 g of fiber which helps regulate cholesterol levels in the body.

It’s also an excellent source of minerals such as manganese and copper that help lower cancer risk and maintain bone health. Season it with some salt, pepper along with some veggies for the perfect dinner.




Though mostly a summer fruit, watermelons are a must and for a good reason. This ideal evening snack is rich in vitamin C and is the perfect food to stay in shape especially when training hard. Apart from that it keeps you hydrated.

Grab a bowl of watermelon either pre or post your run to get a boost of carbs and water. Make sure the watermelon is ripe Look for a yellow or cream spot on the ground and a thud when knocked.

Greek Yogurt

When it comes to yogurts consider Greek Yogurt the king especially if you’re looking for a high protein food. Every ounce contains around 18-20 g of proteins. Apart from that it’s rich in calcium, potassium, zinc and vitamin B6 and B12 that maintain bone strength and improve immunity

As compared to other yogurts this one contains lower amounts of lactose. Using Greek yogurt as a topping on cereals, fruits etc. provides the perfect blend of protein and fiber needed 2-3 hours before your training.

greek yogurt

Wild Salmon

As for fish the salmon remains the most sought after variety not just due to its awesome flavor but its high protein and healthy fat content too. Every ounce of salmon comes with 7-10 g of protein, saturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids as well.

Apart from that the EPA and DHA in the fish fight off inflammation, provide proper fueling through fat which in turns helps run faster and longer and also lowers recovery period. Some varieties of salmon’s like wild salmon are also rich in omega 6.


Oat Bran

For a high dose of fiber oat bran is the perfect breakfast meal. It will fuel you up; provide important nutrients and also eliminate toxins. As compared to other oats it contains 45-50% more soluble fiber thus making it a better cholesterol regulating agent.

It also has a higher content of proteins and vitamins and keeps you full for longer periods. You can also use it for pancakes, muffins etc.

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