Want to ride faster? Here are 5 things triathletes should do

The most difficult part of any triathlon is cycling as it can set the tone for either a sluggish or a quick finish and thus it is essential you are quick but focusing on all aspects can often be tough.

So when it comes to cycling it’s time to step into the boots of a cyclists and train like one and here are 5 tips to help you with it.

Ride with groups

For beginners this might be a quite challenge. Riding with groups can often be intimidating especially when you’re low on confidence but being in a group is often the best way to improve your skills, gain confidence and get faster in a short period. Also, make sure you get a good road bike designed specially for triathlons.

Ease into your group rides. Aim for one group ride per week and build on. These rides are more effective because you are constantly challenged, get fitter and also ride at different speeds.group cycling

Let not the winters stop you

The snowy winters are no reason to sit back at home and not ride. While I agree the conditions are tough being consistent remains important to maintain strength and improve further. Cycling indoors is an equally acceptable training method.

For those training outdoors I would recommend you look for 1-2 rides every week of about 2-3 hours and rest of the days train indoors for about 20-25 minutes.

Ride uphill

Irrespective of whether your race includes hills or not making hill training a part of your training regime can benefit greatly. Not only do you get faster but you also tend to generate more power as going uphill requires you to pedal at low cadence.

Apart from that handling also improves since you’ll have to decent at fast speeds and lastly it also has a positive impact on your cardio health making you fitter and stronger. Here are some tips to climb like a pro.


Improve your technique

Though cycling is not as technical as swimming to get your handling, braking, pedal stroke etc. right you still need to train hard. To get your pedal stroke right here’s what you need to watch out for.

To produce extra power while at the top of the stroke you need to bring in your hamstrings and glutes rather than depending on just the quads and for that you need to drop the heel and while at the bottom simply keep your toe pointed downwards.

Get a power meter

Cycling is all about knowing to pace oneself and one tool I found quite useful for it is the power meter. These have become hugely popular among cyclists and have become affordable over the years.

Earlier experts relied on heart rate to measure the work rate which was highly inaccurate as your heart rate can rise due to various reasons. These power meters provide accurate results thus helping you train better.

power meter

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