5 ridiculous trail running shoe myths debunked

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Looking to get the best possible deal on your new trail running shoes? Well then avoid falling for bad advice and to ensure that today I am going to talk to you about the 5 common myths surrounding trail running shoes and why they aren’t true.

Get the best shoe

We get loads of questions every day asking us about the best trail running shoes to get this year but guess what, there isn’t one. Getting the right shoe isn’t that easy.

These shoes are designed uniquely to suite different types of feet, arches, running styles etc. thus providing ratings are a complicated and highly inefficient affair.

The best trail running shoe is a matter of personal choice. Get a shoe that you feel comfortable running in rather than the one recommended highly by a friend.

Stick to a brand

How many of your trail buddies tell you they prefer only Nike, Adidas or New Balance for their trail runs? Well truth be told the brand name hardly gives any info about the shoe and companies come up with new specs, lasts, designs etc. every year.

So what fit you this year might not be perfect the next. Hence sticking to one brand can prove counterproductive. You need to get shoes based on their individual attributes and your comfort rather than the brand name.

Always get a specific shoe type

Do you overpronate? Have you been told to stick to a specific shoe design? Firstly it’s a shoe and not a medical prescription so stop carrying it around. There are factors such as your weight, muscle strength, balance, speed etc. that change with time hence the original prescription might prove inaccurate.

According to research the only prescription detail you need is comfort. If they feel right on the run then that’s the best shoe. It’s a personal choice and you need to keep experimenting as your attributes develop.

You need just one pair

Yes you should have one girlfriend but one trail running shoe? Not a good idea. Trail running requires you to run over rough, rocky terrain and the brunt of it is faced by your shoes thus having only one pair might be inviting trouble.

You can have the same models but I would suggest you change as it lowers injury risk. That’s because a different model changes the way your feet interact with the ground and your stride thus diefferent muscles get stronger.

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Shoes make you quicker

One of the oldest and most common myths about any type of running shoe is that they make you faster. Well that’s true if you’re buying shoes with jets fit in but my guess is you’re not.

Truth is, running shoes keep you safe and comfortable and reduce stress. Speed on the other hand comes from your muscles, heart and lungs which improve depending on your training and consistency.

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