5 Golden rules of marathon training for beginners


While a marathon seems long and hard the journey to it is longer and even harder and requires loads of time, sweat and motivation but once you are committed to it I see no reason to back down.

Yes it is a challenge both mentally and physically like never before but being guided right can be a huge boost. So today we have put together a list of 5 golden rules of marathon training every beginner must follow to achieve their goals.

Plan right

Every athlete whether a beginner or pro knows the importance of having a plan or strategy in place and that’s the first thing any good trainer is going to talk to you about too. Keep your training goal oriented and focus on your weaknesses, speed, strength etc.

Without a proper strategy you’ll end either running too intensely too early or run too much resulting in fatigue or a serious injury leading to inconsistency.

Take it easy

Another important part of your planning will be the recovery days and on these days make sure you focus on just recovery. Avoid using up these days to train harder, improve fitness etc. Your muscles need time to heal from the stress and daily wear and tear.

Lack of recovery time can cause aching and fatigued legs in turn resulting in an average performance and training session. Use such days to mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming days and more importantly relax.

Train hard on other days

Like your recovery days your workout and training days should solely focus on those objectives. For example if your objective for today is a  4 mile run make sure you pace yourself to last the entire 4 miles rather than 2 or 3 or even 5 -6 miles.

An ideal run is where you have nothing left in the tank by the end of it and for that it’s important to not carry over any fatigue or injuries from the previous training days.

Get your daily dose of sleep


Yes life is tough to manage at times. There’s work, family friends and then even training but staying up late to manage it only undermines your efforts.  Beginners usually take sleep for granted but ask any expert and they’ll tell it’s as crucial as your training itself.

Intense running breaks muscles down which only a good diet and sleep can repair. Make sure you sleep for 7-8 hours even if it means comprising with training. Though it lowers volume you will train more efficiently.

Get your diet right

Like I mentioned above your diet plays an important role for both performance and recovery. Yes you run, workout etc. but avoiding refined and processed foods still holds key. The ideal time to have them is an hour before or after your exercise.

This will help avoid surge in sugar levels and lower fat storage and also leave you enough room for a nutrient and protein rich diet.

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